Talk To A Bankruptcy Attorney When You've Accumulated Debt You Can't Repay


Being in debt without enough income to keep up with your monthly bills makes your life miserable. You constantly worry about money, and everything you make goes toward bills, late fees, and overdraft charges so there's nothing left for building a financial future or for life enjoyment. When you live paycheck to paycheck, all it takes is a minor emergency to get behind on bills, and that starts a snowball of late fees, and you get further behind.

18 December 2018

What Kind Of Bankruptcy Debt Do You Have?


Debt is never a good thing, but when it comes to a chapter 7 bankruptcy filing your debt is sorted into two different types. Bankruptcy filers usually have both unsecured and secured debts. The main difference in these two types of debt is whether or not the debt has property attached to it. The type of debt you have influences how much relief a bankruptcy offers you, so read on to learn more.

29 October 2018

Not Sure Bankruptcy Is a Good Option for You? 4 Reasons It Might Be Your Best Option


Debt can leave you feeling as if you have nowhere to turn, especially when creditors are calling and harassing you around the clock. It may seem like you have no options available to you. If you've reached the end of your rope, you need to talk to an attorney about filing bankruptcy. If you're not sure that bankruptcy is right for you, it's time to take a few things into consideration.

10 September 2018

Upcoming Bankruptcy? Don't Do These Three Things


If you're planning on filing for an upcoming bankruptcy, you may wonder what your next steps should be to make sure that it goes smoothly. While the best thing you can do is work with a local bankruptcy attorney who offers chapter 7 bankruptcy filing services, you do not want to make mistakes before you officially hire them. Here are a few tips that things you should not do before the process starts.

21 July 2018

Signs That You Should File Bankruptcy For Your Business


As a business owner, it is important to know that there may come a time when you should consider filing for bankruptcy. Remember, that just because you need some financial help with your company does not mean that you are going out of business. For example, many companies have filed chapter 11 bankruptcy and still continued on to have a success business. After all, chapter 11 is simply a court followed reorganization of finances for companies.

18 May 2018

Which Is Right For You: Chapter 7 Or Chapter 13?


When you know that you are about to make a major financial move, you may be wondering what the differences are in the two main types of consumer bankruptcy. Most people are more familiar with chapter 7, but chapter 13 has several advantages over 7. To help spare the confusion, read on for a quick and easy guide to each type to help you make the decision. Chapter 7 There is no substitute for the way a chapter 7 bankruptcy literally wipes out the majority of most people's debt.

1 March 2018

What Now? Recovering From Bankruptcy


The decision to file bankruptcy was difficult, but you likely had very little choice. Once your financial situation gets out of hand, it's like a domino effect of mounting penalties, interest and misery. Part of the big decision is about the after-effects of such a move. Will you ever be able to get credit again? The answer to this question is "yes", so read on to learn more about recovering from your chapter 7 bankruptcy.

16 January 2018