Your Day In Bankruptcy Court


While the need to file for bankruptcy can be in itself demeaning, the very thought of having to stand in court and admit to your financial failures can be devastating. Fortunately, your bankruptcy appearance is probably not as bad as you may be imagining. Once you read the information below, you should be somewhat comforted about your upcoming appearance and ready for the new start that this chapter 7 filing will provide.

26 October 2017

Can You Keep The Proceeds Of A Personal Injury Settlement When You File For Bankruptcy?


Bankruptcy laws are clear in stating that any property acquired within a specific period, usually 180 days, after filing for bankruptcy must be included as personal assets. In the case of a personal injury settlement, you may need to surrender some of the money awarded to you even if you don't actually receive it until after the 180 period and the case is closed. How Can a Settlement That You Haven't Yet Received be Included in a Bankruptcy Case?

15 August 2017