How a Probate Attorney Can Assist in Settling an Estate


Probate attorneys play a pivotal role in the process of settling an estate. They provide guidance through the complexities of probate law, ensuring that all legal requirements are met and that the process runs as smoothly as possible. Their expert knowledge can prove invaluable in navigating this often-challenging journey. Understanding the Responsibilities of a Probate Attorney A probate attorney's responsibilities primarily involve guiding the executor of an estate or beneficiaries through the entire probate process.

27 December 2023

5 Ways Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Gives You Control


Most Americans don't like the idea of filing for bankruptcy. The idea of liquidating your assets and submitting to the rules necessary to receive protection can seem overwhelming. It can feel like a loss of control. However, Chapter 13 bankruptcy is different. It actually gives you control in a variety of ways. How? Here are a few ways you can regain your life using Chapter 13. 1. You Set the Payment Plan

29 March 2023

Can An Attorney Help You Prevent Foreclosure?


Is your lender issuing letters that indicate they will initiate the foreclosure process? If so, you might feel scared, worried, and uncertain about your future, and rightfully so. No one wants to lose their home to foreclosure, yet it happens to many people. If you want to ensure this doesn't happen, you might want to hire a foreclosure attorney. But can a foreclosure attorney stop this from happening? Continue reading to find out.

25 August 2022

2 Important Things To Expect From Your Bankruptcy Attorney


In today's world, where losing your job or financial ability can happen unexpectedly, filing for bankruptcy is an excellent way to get out of burdensome debts. It can be medical expenses adding up quickly or the inability to clear your mortgage on time. To avoid the pain of wondering where you'll get enough money to clear huge and increasing debts, consider filing for bankruptcy.  However, because it can be challenging to carry out the whole process when you're emotionally disturbed, an experienced bankruptcy attorney is vital for you.

24 February 2022

When COVID-19 Destroys Your Health & Wealth — Bankruptcy & Disability


The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a lot of people to be unable to pay their bills on time, particularly people who have been hospitalized and intubated, yet were lucky enough to survive. Some of these patients are experiencing long-lasting adverse health complications due to their SARS-CoV-2 infection, such as acute liver injury or acute cardiac injury, which leaves them unable to be gainfully employed for more than a year and, therefore, eligible for disability from the Social Security Administration.

30 August 2021

Is It Worth Filing For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy? Know These Pros And Cons


Are you looking for a way to get out of debt and have been considering chapter 7 bankruptcy? If so, it will help to know the following pros and cons of using this method to discharge debts and get a fresh start.  Pro: Chapter 7 Discharges Almost All Unsecured Debts The biggest benefit of using Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the number of debts that it will get rid of. Thankfully, the vast majority of your unsecured debts, which are those that are not secured with any assets, will be discharged.

23 March 2021

The Pros And Cons Of Filing For Chapter 13 Bankruptcy


Chapter 13 bankruptcy law offers petitioners an opportunity to restructure the debts they owe. This means that you might be able to convert something like $100,000 worth of debt into an $80,000 payment plan that you will have three to five years to finish. Pursuing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, however, isn't a perfect choice for everyone. Before you make this decision, it's wise to learn about some of the pros and cons.

30 July 2020

Should You Use Your Credit Payments To Pay For Bankruptcy Instead?


One of the problems facing people who need to file for bankruptcy is the fact that bankruptcy costs money. Between the lawyer's fees and the filing fees, bankruptcy can cost a lot, which is complicated because if you had that kind of money laying around, you wouldn't need to file bankruptcy in the first place, right? It can be frustrating, but there are ways to get the money to file for bankruptcy with a lawyer.

10 October 2019

3 Tips To Ensure Your Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Plan Is Confirmed


If you are having trouble paying your debts and have exhausted other options, filing for bankruptcy can help you start over with a clean slate. For people who do not have enough income to repay their debts, Chapter 7 bankruptcy is an option. In this type of bankruptcy, certain assets are sold, and the proceeds are used to pay creditors. If you earn too much money to qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you may be able to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy relief.

30 January 2019

Three Questions About Chapter 7 Bankruptcy


Looking for a way to clear out current debts that you have? It could be a good reason to look into using Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Before you dive deep into this process, you likely have some questions about what is to come. Here are three of those questions that you may have. Do You Need A Lawyer To File For Bankruptcy? If you think you can handle a bankruptcy filing on your own, you're making a big mistake for such an important legal process.

30 January 2019